Jan 31, 2018

10 Fixes WiFi not working on Mac after macOS Big Sur Go to the Apple Menu on Mac.Next Click on the System Preference option.; Here’s go to Network option, First is WiFi in the left panel or popup windows. After connecting if you are getting an exclamation mark, Keep Selected WiFi. Now, Find the Advanced.. option there, Go to TCP/IP section from above multiple tabs.; here’s you will see three IP addresses if no IP address then assigns Can't connect to network after spoofing a MAC address Also I am at a high school with absolutely no encryption he is using a mac filer to block me I got past the filter with a random mac but I can't seem to connect to the internet even though I can ping all of the computers in the school. Whats going on you think. – Justin Rolf May 22 '13 at 0:54 |

Macbook self-assigning IP address, can't connect to wifi

Connecting your Mac to an Ethernet network is the next fastest thing to going wireless. This video shows how to connect ports to a router (or hub) so you can network your Mac. Setup for Ethernet on a Mac, get your IP address, and climb aboard DHCP. 5 Common MacBook Pro Wi-Fi Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Oct 08, 2019

PowerMac G4 won't connect to internet - October 2011 Dec 18, 2012 How to connect to a WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK - Mac OS X Hints The author's claim that "your Mac will always refuse to connect" is bogus. It works fine for nearly all of us. Change the first line to "If you can't connect, try this trick", and this tip might be useful. But even so the comment above this one, about creating a new location and keychain entry, is probably a better way of getting things to work.