Connect With a Cable. By far, the simplest way to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV is to use a cable like Apple's Digital AV Adapter, which connects your Apple device to your TV's HDMI port. You'll also need a standard HDMI cable—any one will do, so just buy the least expensive one you can find.

How can I use an Apple TV without an internet connection This work is released under a Creative Commons License. Bandwidth provided by Cachefly. The new Apple TV app and Apple TV Channels: 9 things you The new Apple TV app and Apple TV Channels: 9 things you need to know Apple hopes to be a new destination for cord cutters, but Netflix remains a no-show. It work with a just few cable and Apple TV Tutorial - How to Plug in and Set Up - YouTube Oct 31, 2015

Mar 12, 2019

The Apple TV must be connected to an HDMI receptacle on a display capable of high-definition 1080p or 720p. Apple offers an official 1.8 meter (6-foot) HDMI to HDMI Cable for $19.00. Apple notes that HDCP is required when playing protected content. Apple TV Questions and Answers - Apple May 17, 2020 Get the Apple TV app on your smart TV or streaming device

Aug 26, 2017

Apr 10, 2020 Will Apple TV kill the cable box? Not so fast | TechHive What Apple can do. Instead of pandering to cable TV providers that only want to keep Apple at arm’s length, the company could instead embrace the many cable-box-killing initiatives that already Do You Need Apple TV To Stream Apple TV+? It's Not That Oct 22, 2019