How to Delete Your Google Search History in a Few Easy

1 While you are currently performing a search in File Explorer, click/tap on the Search (Search Tools) tab. 2 In the Search tab, click/tap on Recent searches, and click/tap on Clear search history in the drop down menu. If Recent searches is grayed out, then you do not have any search history to clear. Aug 07, 2019 · Click Clear History (This deletes cookies and cached data automatically) Opera. Click Menu in the top left of the window; Choose More Tools, and then click Clear browsing data; Choose the types of data you want to delete, pick a time period, and click Clear browsing data; Browsing in incognito mode Mar 06, 2020 · Select how much to clear by selecting a time range in the Time range to clear box: Click Details to select exactly which items will be deleted: Click Clear Now to reset your browser history. Stop Search Engines from Saving Browser History Here are a few quick ways to prevent your internet browser from recording your session history. Steps to Clear Cache in Chrome Browser. The steps Clear Chrome browser cache are the same on both Mac and Windows computers. 1. Open Google Chrome Browser on your computer. 2. Click on 3-dots menu Icon > hoover mouse over More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data option in the side-menu. 3.

To clear everything, select All time. Check the boxes for the info you want Chrome to clear, including “browsing history." Learn more about the types of browsing data you can delete. Click Clear

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Mar 05, 2020

5. Internet Explorer Clear Browser Cache Tutorial. To clear the browser cache in Internet Explorer, you first need to open the Delete Browsing History interface. To access this interface, you can use the Ctrl + Shift + Del hotkey. Or, you can follow these steps: Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner; Hover over the Safety option