How to Unblock Youtube in Pakistan (NO PROXY/ VPN)

Mar 29, 2014 · How To UnBlock Youtube In Pakistan Even Youtube Is Blocked In Pakistan Unblock Streaming is a super fast web proxy that allows you to unblock websites blocked in your country and bypass Internet censorship. You may unblock sites blocked in Pakistan, Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India and other countries that control or suppress what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. Henceforth it was blocked by PTA in Pakistan. But the truth remains, the majority of the country is using VPN to reach YouTube, thereby making this ban unnecessary (Such a surge was noticed in VPN usage that one of the VPN organization hired a country manager for Pakistan). People of Pakistan is suffering from prolong year of YouTube ban, On September 2012, the Government blocked the video-sharing website YouTube on the issue of Blasphemous film "Innocence of Muslims" that spread hatred against Muslims. and we condemn this criminal act.. but the question is "Is problem solved from YouTube Ban? No.. Why Govt. ban the whole website not that Individual link on video YouTube video sharing popular site is blocked in Pakistan in 2012 and after that up till it was not opened and nor any step was taken to unblock it, many other video sites are opened in Pakistan which take place of YouTube but no one can take its place because of its content, so here in this post, i am showing you simplest and easiest way to Unblock all websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Netflix, and even adult websites. Use our free web proxy server to bypass internet censorships and blocks at home, school, or work. Unblock any website in Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and much more. HOW TO UNBLOCK YOUTUBE IN PAKISTAN WITHOUT PROXIES? Youtube was blocked in Pakistan on September 17, 2012 because of some “blasphemous” material. Since then internet users in Pakistan have used different sources to reach Youtube facilities, Some tried proxies, some have tried HotSpot shield and some actually never looked back to Youtube.

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