Aug 20, 2013 · ***** Operating System : Windows NT 6.2 Dialer Version : 7.2.9200.16384 Connection Name : Azure-MBC All Users/Single User : Single User Start Date/Time : 4/30/2013, 9:57:32 ***** Module Name, Time, Log ID, Log Item Name, Other Info For Connection Type, 0=dial-up, 1=VPN, 2=VPN over dial-up ***** [cmdial32] 9:57:32 03 Pre-Init Event

Aug 02, 2004 Dialup networking error 691 - Dec 11, 2008 Error 678: Remote modem not responding - Dial-Up | NetZero Double-click the Dial-Up Networking folder, and highlight the NetZero connectoid. Select Properties from the File menu, and click on the Configure button; Select the Connection tab. Click the Advanced button and type the initialization string in the Extra Settings textbox. Click OK and then click OK again. Close Dial-Up Networking and My Computer.

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[Solved] Error 651 - Connection Failed with Error 651 in Apr 06, 2015 Error 691 in Windows 7 - Easy Fix For Windows 7 Error 691

- The 691 error in Windows XP is a dial-up connection error. It appears when you try to establish a dial-up connection for your network so you can access

How to fix Error 691? - The first thing to do is to counter check, if you are using the correct user name and id. Second check if the security settings are correctly configured, the third way to solve this problem is, if you put the dial – up setting manually, click on the default so that it can automatically give the correcting settings. MI router 3C error 691 Acess denied || FIX PPPoE couldn't