Save file as: Save file × Open from Google Drive < html > < body > < h2 > Redirect to a Webpage < p > The replace() method replaces the current document with a new one:

The second part shows the old file’s relative path (its file location in relation to the current directory where the .htaccess file is located). If your .htaccess file is in your root web directory, you can use the file’s URL without the domain name, such as / old-file. html. The third section is the full path to the new file. Redirect all index.html pages to subdirectory This avoids a redirect loop when mod_dir later issues a subrequest for index.html (the DirectoryIndex document). However, this could be "simplified" further. The RewriteCond directive could be omitted if using the NS ( nosubreq ) flag on the RewriteRule directive. How to automatically redirect a Web Page to another URL?

Feb 07, 2018

How to Redirect a Web Page | CSS-Tricks

How to Redirect an HTML Page to Another URL - 1. Frontline

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