Instagram Account Blocked? Here Is What You Need To Do

Facebook also automatically monitors geographical locations where accounts are accessed from. For instance, if you are based in the UK and there is a log in to your account from a server in Nigeria, a log out and then another log in a few minutes later from a server in the UK then Facebook will also automatically block the account. Facebook has detected your account as a spam or been reported for abuse. Facebook detected randomly different devices used in opening your Facebook account. Facebook detected that someone recently tried to log into your account from an unrecognized device or location. Steps to Unlock Temporarily Locked Facebook Account. For security reasons The reason is his Facebook ad account may have been blocked due to some reason and they assume that he is still trying to push his ad from your account. This is how your account and ads can get blocked. Facebook tracks ad accounts, pages, groups and individual profiles, so if there is anything fishy all that is connected is bound to get blocked. Oct 16, 2019 · After checking the above steps follow this tip to determine if you are blocked or the user has deleted/deactivated the Facebook account. Open Facebook and go to Settings. Under Settings select Blocking. Enter the name of the person under Block users whom you suspect has blocked you and press Enter or click Block. Beginning in May they did the same process over again asking for identification and disabled my account then they reactivated upon sending in my ID but during this process they blocked me from using Facebook features for 7 days because of a picture they thought was sexually explicit and/or had nudity in it but it didn't I asked them to review

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Jul 02, 2019