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Sep 19, 2019 · The latter ones serve as a link between the Certificate Authority and the website certificate. When a user browses to the website protected by the SSL certificate via secure connection, the browser initiates the verification of the certificate and follows the chain of trust up to the root certificate embedded in it. Understanding the parts of the Comodo Certificate Chain. In order to be trusted, every SSL certificate must chain back to a trusted root. This is called the certificate chain and it’s crucial to your SSL certificate working correctly. This usually means downloading & installing the Comodo intermediate certificate at the same time you install SSL. To truly understand SSL certificates and what an SSL certificate chain is, you need at least a rudimentary knowledge of public key infrastructure (PKI). PKI is a system of certificate authorities (CAs), root programs, and digital certificates. PKI is the trust model that undergirds SSL/TLS. Nov 27, 2019 · Certificate Chain: AddTrust External CA Root COMODO Certification Authority COMODO Extended Validation Secure Server CA End-Entity Certificate. Intermediate CA Bundle for EV SSL/TLS Certificates; Certification Practices Statement for EV SSL/TLS Certificates; Certificate Profile for EV SSL/TLS Certificates The end-entity certificate is the final link in the chain of trust. The end-entity certificate (sometimes known as a leaf certificate or subscriber certificate), serves to confer the root CA’s trust, via any intermediates in the chain, to an entity such as a website, company, government, or individual person.

The list of SSL certificates, from the root certificate to the end-user certificate, represents the SSL certificate chain. Example of an SSL Certificate chain. Here’s a practical example. Let’s suppose that you purchase a certificate from the Awesome Authority for the domain example.awesome. Awesome Authority is not a root certificate

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I have a PKCS12 file containing the full certificate chain and private key. I need to break it up into 3 files for an application. The 3 files I need are as follows (in PEM format): an unecrypted key file; a client certificate file; a CA certificate file (root and all intermediate) The chain certificate file, as the name indicates provides a complete path for trust verification. Chain certificate file is nothing but a single file which contains all three certificates(end entity certificate, intermediate certificate, and root certificate). This can be done by simply appending one certificate after the other in a single HTTPS protocol required the certificate to authorized the Hostname/IP. Normally, we suggest you apply for the certificate from qualified certification authorities. In order to make sure the HTTPS s